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truck-repairDiesel engines work in their own unique way using internal combustion and heat produced compression. They have their characteristics that produce positive results for the owners who choose to drive them. This means that diesel engine owners should take care with their maintenance and repair. Ignoring issues in a diesel engine can often lead to more involved and complicated repairs. We have a passion for maintaining and repairing diesel engine here at Sound Truck & Auto Repair.

In business since 1991, we have spent two and a half decades taking care of all diesel engine repairs in Bellingham, WA. Whether it is regular oil filter replacement, gasket monitoring, fluid level upkeep, or any other issues, Sound Truck & Auto Repair will take care of that diesel repair in Bellingham, WA. They pride themselves on being a diverse auto shop.

We know how much you rely on your diesel engine, whether it is for work or play. With regular maintenance we can help you maintain the power and efficiency you’ve come to expect from your diesel engine and help keep it operating at its peak level of performance. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer service, which means we will keep you informed as to what your diesel engine needs so you can make the best decision for you and your vehicle.

Diesel Fleet Maintenance in Bellingham, WA

We do not only work on personal vehicles, but they love to take on any fleet in need of diesel repair and maintenance. No matter the size or type of fleet, they are prepared for needs. Light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles are welcomed at Sound Truck & Auto Repair. We are ready for two­stroke and four­stroke versions. No matter the make, model, or year of your fleet, we can help. Diesel engines are very unique and need a close eye watching and monitoring its performance. Inspections of numerous working parts of your vehicle are important and our technicians know exactly what to look for, giving you the peace of mind you want when having your diesel engine serviced by a professional technician.

Our expert technicians are ASE certified and provide with every diesel repair and maintenance service a manufacturer’s 12 and 12 warranty. Your fleet could not be in better hands than with our team. Let us help keep your fleet working seamlessly for you. Give us a call or stop on in. We are prepared and ready to go for any diesel repair needs. Sound Truck & Auto Repair, the best of the best in Bellingham, WA.