Caring for Your Auto Transmission in Whatcom County

auto transmissionWhen was the last time you scheduled transmission maintenance or repair for your vehicle in Whatcom County, Washington? While even the best auto technician in the world can’t make an auto transmission run forever, there are ways to keep it functioning longer. Keep these auto transmission tips in mind during your next trip to a service shop in Whatcom County.

Request Synthetic Fluids

The next time you make a trip to an auto repair shop for transmission service, request that your technician use synthetic fluids. These fluids last longer and are more resistant to heat.

Upgrade Your Transmission Cooling System

Running your transmission hot for too long can cause damage to it and the rest of your vehicle. To prevent overheating, have internal fans installed. This upgrade is well worth the expense.

Schedule Service Regularly

The best way to avoid transmission and auto repair is to be proactive. Regularly scheduled maintenance will ensure your car is in tip-top shape. This will also help you identify issues quickly, which can help prevent further damage to your vehicle.

Need Auto Transmission Maintenance or Repair in Whatcom County?

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