Questions to Ask a New Auto Repair Specialist in Ferndale

repair specialist questionsHave you been searching for a new auto repair specialist in Ferndale, Washington? Whether your car needs a tune-up, an oil change, or engine work, selecting a reliable service shop can be daunting. Finding a balance between fair prices and quality service can be difficult, but not impossible. Ask these questions to help you choose the right auto repair specialist in Ferndale.

Does your shop belong to any automotive associations?

Automotive associations, such as AAA and the Automotive Service Association, have quality standards that auto repair shops must maintain in order to earn and retain membership. Be sure to ask your auto repair specialist if the shop belongs to any such organizations, or if it has earned honors from any local organizations.

Are you familiar with the make and model of my vehicle?

While all cars function nearly the same, various makes and models have slight differences that can be a big problem for an inexperienced auto technician. Make sure that the auto repair specialist you choose has the appropriate knowledge and experience, especially if it’s a classic or European car.

Do you provide free estimates?

Many auto repair shops will offer free estimates for maintenance and repairs. Be sure to ask your auto repair specialist if they offer free estimates before committing to having them check your vehicle. Vehicle diagnostics, which are more in-depth, may come with a small charge.

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