Questions to Ask a New Bellingham Auto Repair Technician

auto repair technician

Do you need to schedule general auto repairs or routine maintenance for your car or truck? Finding a new Bellingham auto repair technician can be difficult. After all, not every auto shop provides quality service or uses quality parts. Sorting through various ads and company promotions is often frustrating and you can never be sure of a specialist until after your first appointment. This can result in wasted time and money if the services provided aren’t sufficient. The best way to avoid trouble down the road is to ask questions up front. Keep the following inquiries in mind as you look for a new Bellingham auto repair technician.

Have you worked on vehicles like mine before?

Knowing that a Bellingham auto repair technician is familiar with your vehicle’s make and model is important. Some cars and trucks, especially classic or European vehicles, require special knowledge and equipment.

How much will service cost?

Never let a Bellingham auto repair technician work on your vehicle without first providing you a quote. Most companies will do this for free.

Does your shop belong to any automotive associations?

While not necessary, it’s always good to work with a Bellingham auto repair technician who is a member of an automotive association. Groups like AAA and Automotive Service Association have quality standards that members must meet.

Need to Speak with a Bellingham Auto Repair Technician?

Do you need to speak with a Bellingham auto repair technician about your car or truck? Now that you know what questions to ask, it’s time to make an appointment. Contact Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham to schedule a consultation. We also have the training, experience and skills necessary to complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. In addition to general maintenance and repair, you can count on us to provide expert diesel repair, RV repair and fleet repair services.

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