Basic Car Maintenance Skills for Every Driver in Bellingham

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How much do you know about auto maintenance for your car or truck in Bellingham, Washington? While there are exceptions, many drivers lack some very basic car maintenance skills. Car owners often rely completely upon the nearest auto shop when disaster strikes on the road. Some tasks, however, are extremely easy to learn and perform on your own. It’s recommended that all drivers become familiar with the following basic car maintenance skills.

Change a Flat Tire

You don’t need an auto repair shop to change a flat tire, although they certainly will if necessary. It’s better to learn this basic car maintenance skill yourself so you can address the issue quickly should the need arise.

Check Oil

Checking your oil is another important basic car maintenance task you should become familiar with. It’s a good idea to check oil levels before every trip to ensure that your engine will be properly lubricated.

Replace Windshield Wipers

You don’t know how much you need them until it’s pouring and you don’t have them. Driving in the rain without functional windshield wipers is particularly dangerous at night. Purchase an extra set and ask your technician to teach you how to install them during your next auto maintenance appointment.

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