Ferndale Auto Maintenance Tips: How to Handle an Overheating Engine

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When you have overheating engine in Ferndale, Washington, what do you do? While your first instinct might be to find a nearby auto maintenance expert, there are a few things you need to do first. An overheating engine is very serious and should be addressed right away. Ignoring the issue could result in some very expensive auto repair down the road. Keep the following maintenance tips in mind if your heat gauge is in the red.

Turn Off Your Vehicle

Unless you’re literally outside of an auto shop, talking to a professional will have to wait. Stop driving immediately and turn off your car or truck. It is very dangerous to continue driving and you’ll probably do extensive damage to your vehicle if you do.

Let Everything Cool Off

Do not touch anything. Your vehicle is extremely hot and it will burn you. This is especially true for the radiator cap, which could also blow off and hit you, if tampered with before it cools down. Even an auto maintenance professional would be unable to begin work until the overheated engine has completely cooled down.

Add Coolant

Once your car or truck has cooled down, you should check the coolant levels. If they’re low, fill them back up. This will make your vehicle safer to drive to the nearest auto maintenance technician for assistance.

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