Common Causes of Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Problems in Ferndale

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Are you worried about your vehicle’s diesel fuel injection pump? It’s important to understand why your fuel injection pump may be giving you trouble. While an auto shop professional near Ferndale will need to assess your truck before providing a specific diagnosis, the following causes are common.

Dirty Fuel

A major cause for fuel injection pump problems is the use of dirty fuel. Over time, residue builds up throughout your system. Using poor-quality fuel exacerbates this issue. Bring your vehicle in for auto repair if you notice sputtering or your vehicle hesitates when accelerating.

Too Little Fuel

You may also be driving with too little fuel. When your tank gets too low, the system may fill with air. This can cause serious issues that will require diesel repair services.

Injector Timing Disruption

Another reason you might need fuel injection pump repair or replacement is injector timing disruption. Your vehicle’s O-ring or ball seat may be defective. These are issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. A diesel repair technician can tell you whether the pump can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Need Help with Your Diesel Fuel Injection Pump?

If you’re concerned your injection pump is failing, you should speak with a professional immediately. Contact us at Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We’ve served drivers in and around Ferndale for years. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians provide consistently expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer care. We have the training, experience and skills necessary to complete your repairs quickly and efficiently. You can also count on our auto shop for RV repair and fleet repair services.

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