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RVs are complicated machines that aren’t just a combination of home and car. They require a lot more maintenance than a car. And they require a very different kind of maintenance than a house. You’re also going to, inevitably, need some RV repair in Lynden. Things break, accidents happen, and parts just wear out. You can avoid some of that repair with good, regular maintenance habits. 

Preventive RV Maintenance

The first thing to do is check your owner’s manual. There will be checklists of necessary maintenance similar to what you might find for a car or truck. If you’re handy with cars and engines and you can do some of this work yourself you’ll save some money. 

The best way to avoid unnecessary RV repair is with regularly scheduled maintenance from a reliable shop with experienced mechanics and technicians.


Your RV has sealants everywhere, of different types. You have roof sealants, window sealants, slide out sealants, and more. Keeping all those sealants in good condition is an important part of your routine maintenance. The first part of sealant maintenance is something you can, and should, do yourself. Learn where the seals are on your coach or trailer and check them regularly for cracks or other signs of wear.


RVs have engine filters, air conditioning filters, furnace filters and water filters. Those filters make every system function smoothly. When they’re dirty, systems have to work harder and wear out faster.

By maintaining your filters, you can avoid early (and expensive) RV repair.

Looking for an Affordable RV Repair Shop near Lynden?

When you’re looking for an affordable RV repair shop in Lynden, contact the professionals at Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham. We provide RV and auto repair. You can also count on our shop for diesel repair and fleet repair services.

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