Does Your Serpentine Belt Need Adjustment in Bellingham? Learn the Warning Signs

serpentine belt bellinghamA vehicle’s serpentine belt typically fails for mechanical reasons, making it hard to detect before it generates noticeable symptoms. Knowing what to be aware of helps you book a service appointment while the problem is still manageable. Check out this list of concerns to discover more about how your vehicle behaves when the belt goes bad to reduce your chances of a breakdown on the side of the road.


While cars tend to make noise when something isn’t right, the sound this particular belt makes is unique both in sound and location. If you hear squealing noises coming from the front of the vehicle, consider asking a professional automotive technician to investigate.

System Failures

When you suddenly lose power steering or your AC, it could be because of a problem with this belt. For other drivers, an overheating engine is the first sign of trouble.

Poor Physical Condition of the Belt

For drivers familiar with engines and how they work, a visual inspection of the belt can be the first clue there’s a problem that needs expert help. An old and dried-out belt is likely to perform poorly and show cracks. These weaker spots are apt to break, too. When that happens, the force of the snapping belt can also damage surrounding parts, leading to more problems.

Are You Concerned About Your Vehicle’s Serpentine Belt in Bellingham?

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