Signs You Need Car Frame Repair Near Lynden

Car-Frame-Repair-LyndenYour car’s frame needs to be straight and structurally sound at all times. Any kind of damage can cause serious issues and make your car unsafe on the road. Knowing some of the signs that you need car frame repair will help you know when it needs repair. 

Diagonal Tire Tracks

If you drive your car straight and see that the tire tracks are diagonal, this is a sure sign that you have an issue with your frame. A crooked frame will move the car in a diagonal direction instead of a straight line or a curve. If you suspect that you have a frame issue, this is a good way to check. 

Warped Panels

Checking the panels of your vehicle is a great way to check the condition of the frame. Check for any warping or bending that wasn’t there before. If you notice that the warping is getting worse, you should have your frame looked at by a professional. 

Visible Cracks

If you have been in an accident recently, it’s important to check your frame for any damage. If you need car frame repair, it will present itself as cracks and dents that are visible to the naked eye. A visual inspection is a good start. 

Need Car Frame Repair Near Lynden? 

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Professional Car Frame Repair Near Lynden

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