What Happens During a Car Tune-Up Near Ferndale?

Car Tune-Up ferndaleAs a car owner, one of your biggest responsibilities is making sure your vehicle is maintained and serviced regularly. However, you might not know specifically what that involves. Knowing what happens during a car tune-up can help you see why they’re so important and why you shouldn’t skip them. 

Ignition and Combustion System Maintenance

When you take your car in for a tune-up, the shop will do a thorough check of the ignition and combustion systems. They will check and replace the spark plugs as well as check and adjust the ignition timing. This keeps your engine running smoothly. 

Filter Replacement

Your vehicle has several filters, including air filters, an oil filter and fuel filters. The shop will check and, if necessary, replace these filters during the tune-up process. This keeps contaminants and debris from getting into your engine and causing damage. 

Battery Testing

Your vehicle’s battery is crucial for its operation and will wear out sooner or later. During a car tune-up, the shop will check the battery and ensure that it’s in good working order. This prevents things like stalling and the inability to start the car so you don’t get stranded on the side of the road. 

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