Basic Information About Winter Tires for Drivers in Whatcom County

winter tires whatcom county

Now that the holidays are over and the cold weather is here in Whatcom County, make sure the tires on your vehicle are up to the challenge. Having the right tires can make all the difference. Many drivers aren’t familiar with the various options available regarding winter tires and, as a result, spend the season using improper equipment. 

Tire Type is Important

When you live in an area with changing climates, the type of tires you use each season matters. While some drivers use the same tires year round, you might consider using winter tires when driving in snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain. 

Does All-Season Include Winter?

Do you have all-season tires? While these are great, they may not be enough on roads covered in snow and ice. Winter tires, which are also called snow tires, are designed to provide enhanced traction when temperatures fall below 45Fº.

Tire Chains Aren’t Always Functional

While adding tire chains to your vehicle is a viable alternative, this only works if you’re constantly driving in snowy conditions. These chains aren’t intended for use on clear pavement. They also aren’t meant to be used when you’re driving at high speeds.

Need New Winter Tires in Whatcom County?

If you’re interested in buying new winter tires in Whatcom County, contact Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham for expert auto advice, quality workmanship, and unbeatable customer care. Our team of highly-trained technicians can help you pick the right tires for your car or truck. You can also count on our auto shop for expert auto repair, diesel repair, RV repair, and fleet repair assistance. Contact us today for all your vehicle needs.

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Responses for an Overheating Engine in Bellingham

 overheating engine bellinghamIs your car engine overheating in Bellingham? An overheating vehicle can be a scary thing, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. There are many potential causes for this problem, so you’ll need to have a specialist examine your vehicle to determine the cause. Knowing what to do when it happens, however, is key. If your vehicle begins overheating, make the following responses before scheduling engine maintenance and repair in Bellingham.

Stop Driving

First, stop driving and turn off your vehicle. While it’s tempting to head for a nearby auto repair shop, wait. Continuing to drive while your engine is overheating will cause significant damage to your car or truck.

Let It Cool Down

Besides calling someone for help, there’s not a lot you can do until the engine cools down. You may want to open your hood, but don’t touch the radiator cap until it has reached a safe temperature. Be patient; your auto repair shop won’t be able to repair the problem until the vehicle has cooled down either.

Add Coolant

If you have more coolant, add it before driving your vehicle to a service shop for engine repair. Water is an acceptable short-term alternative. Your auto technician will add more coolant at the shop.

Looking for an Overheating Engine and Repair Specialists in Bellingham?

Are you looking for an engine repair specialist for your overheating problem in Bellingham? If your vehicle is constantly overheating, it’s important to have a professional examine it. To receive expert advice, reliable diagnostics, fair pricing, and unbeatable customer service, contact the pros at Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham today. Our highly-trained and experienced technicians also offer diesel repair, RV repair and fleet repair assistance.

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What Makes a Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Lynden?

reliable auto repair lyndenMany drivers are anxious when they’re looking for a reliable auto repair shop, concerned as to the quality of the repair they’ll receive. Relieve some of your anxiety by checking reviews and asking your mechanic questions. No one wants to get a call with news about added expenses or a longer period of time required for repair work. Remember these tips the next time you take your vehicle to an auto shop.

Positive Customer Reviews

Look online for previous customer reviews. You can also find testimonials, which can be helpful. If you have trouble locating reviews for a specific service shop, contact them and request referrals.

Good Communication

Ask for a simple explanation of the auto repair to be performed. The mechanic should also ask you questions for diagnostic information. Good communication is key to great customer service. Great auto repair shops have technicians who are willing to explain their findings and walk you through the repair process. Leave a phone number with the shop and ask for a text or call for updates. 

Understand Policies

Take time to find out the auto shop’s policies for labor rates, guarantees, warranties, and acceptable methods of payment. Most automotive shops have their policies in writing.

Looking for a Reliable Auto Repair Shop near Lynden?

If you’re looking for an outstanding auto repair shop near Lynden, choose Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham. We’re known for expert advice, quality workmanship, and superior customer service. Visit our website for more information about our company and the services we offer, including diesel repair, RV repair, and fleet repair.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving as your go-to auto repair shop!

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Car Maintenance You Need Before Traveling in Winter in Bellingham

car maintenance bellinghamThe holiday season is upon us! That means tons of family time and, in many cases, lots of traveling. If you’re planning to travel throughout the holidays, don’t forget to take care of your car. Having the appropriate car maintenance completed before you hit the road is important for your car’s longevity and safety. Are you unsure what work needs to be done? Take your vehicle to an auto service center in Bellingham to have it checked out. A professional auto technician will be able to get you and your car squared away in no time.


One of the most important features your auto repair specialist will examine are your tires. You need four tires with good traction during the holiday season, as well as a spare just in case something happens along the way.


A failing car battery can cause a lot of problems when traveling in winter. Make sure your car and truck repair specialist checks your current battery for a good charge and clean terminals.


Functioning brakes are imperative for safe travel. This is one of the last things you want to fail while on the road. Have a professional ensure your car brakes are functioning properly before setting out.

Need to Schedule Car Maintenance Today in Bellingham?

Don’t wait until the last minute. Bring your vehicle to Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham today. We will ensure your car is road ready! Our technicians are familiar with proper diesel repair and maintenance services to ensure our customers drive with peace of mind. Visit our website for more information or contact us today to set up an appointment with one of our highly-trained and experienced technicians.

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Facts About Car Tire Service for Ferndale

car tire service ferndaleWhen was the last time you had car tire service performed on your vehicle? Keeping your tires in peak condition keeps you safer on the roads. Your local auto repair shop should regularly check your vehicle and perform any necessary tire maintenance. To ensure your vehicle is road-ready, ask your auto technician to check your car tires for the following common problems in Ferndale.

Low Tire Pressure

Did you know that changes in temperature can affect your car tire pressure? Scientifically, gasses will expand when heated and contract when cooled. This means cold weather will lower your tire pressure, while warmer weather or long trips will increase your tire pressure. A service shop can check and properly set your car tire pressure for you.

Uneven Wear

Whether your vehicle is front or rear wheel drive, one set of car tires will always wear more quickly than the other. This is because your vehicle will place more stress on the tires that propel your vehicle forward and facilitate turns. Tire rotations will ensure even tread wear, so you get the most life out of your tires. 

Insufficient Tread

Tire treads will wear naturally over time. Your trusted auto repair shop can measure the depth of your car tire treads and help determine when replacements are necessary. Car tires without enough tread depth will increase the distance needed to stop safely, as well as cause your tires to become more susceptible to punctures and blowouts.

Need Car Tire Service for Your Ferndale Vehicle?

Do you need your tires serviced near Ferndale? The highly-trained staff at Sound Truck & Auto Repair is ready to evaluate and service your car tires. We also provide expert diesel repair, RV repair, and fleet repair services. Visit our website or contact us to schedule your car tire service appointment in Ferndale today.

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Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Bellingham

summer vehicle maintenanceHot summers can be really hard on your car or truck. Extreme temperatures and exposure to continuous sunlight will impact both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. While proper vehicle maintenance and auto repair is important year round, summer months require that you pay a little extra attention. Review the following summer vehicle maintenance tips from a professional auto technician to keep your vehicle looking and running great.

Have Your Battery Examined

An important part of proper vehicle maintenance is to have your battery examined by a professional. High temperatures can cause it to deplete faster. Take your car or truck to a reliable auto service center to have it checked out, and replaced if necessary.

Check Your Tires

You should also have a specialist check your tire pressure  frequently during hot summer months. Seasonal change and increased temperatures will affect your tires.

Stick to the Shade

Keeping your car or truck cooler in the summer can help it look and perform better. When possible, it’s a good idea to opt for shadier parking spaces, such as the lower levels of a parking garage. You may also consider purchasing a vehicle cover.

Need Summer Vehicle Maintenance in Bellingham?

If you require expert vehicle maintenance, or if you happen to run into a problem this summer, come by Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham. We offer a wide variety of exceptional services, and aim for nothing less than the absolute best customer care. Visit our website for more information about our company. Interested in scheduling an appointment? Contact us today to speak with a qualified representative about your vehicle maintenance or repairs in Bellingham.

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Are Oil Changes Important for Your Vehicle in Whatcom County?

regular oil changes Whatcom CountyDo you really need an oil change? If you own a car, you’ve probably heard you should have the oil changed regularly, but are oil changes really that important? The answer is, “Absolutely!” Taking your car in regularly for an oil change is extremely important. In fact, an auto technician should change your car’s oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. There are some higher-grade oils that will extend this timeframe, but you’ll need to request them specifically, and they do cost more. In general, regular oil changes will keep your vehicle on the road much longer. Here’s why you shouldn’t skip this element of car maintenance.

Engine Lubrication

If you’re due for an oil change, go to an auto repair shop right away. Fresh oil keeps your engine lubricated. The valve train, main and rod bearings, piston rings and cylinder walls all need lubrication in order to prevent metal on metal friction in the engine.

Motor Oil Breakdown

Motor oil becomes less effective over time. Constant exposure to heat, moisture and air leads to oil degradation (oxidation). The end result? Oil thickening, sludge, deposit formation and corrosive wear. Sounds awful, right? Well it is, and all these nasty elements can take a toll on your engine. You don’t want those troublemakers knocking around your engine parts.

Temperature Control

An oil change also helps to keep your vehicle running at an appropriate temperature. Going too long without one will cause your engine to overheat, possibly stranding you and resulting in expensive repairs.

Ready to Schedule Oil Changes for Your Vehicle Near Whatcom County?

Don’t put off this important element of car maintenance! If your car is due for an oil change, bring it to Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham today. We offer a wide variety of auto repair and maintenance services, including diesel repair, RV repair, fleet and heavy duty truck and trailer repairContact us today to speak with one of our technicians or to schedule an appointment.

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Is Your Check Engine Light On in Lynden?

check engine light LyndenMany car owners don’t understand what it means when their check engine light comes on. If this is you right now, don’t worry! There’s actually a long list of reasons this particular dashboard warning can be activated. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for an auto technician to run an engine diagnostic that will pinpoint the exact cause. In the meantime, here are a few of the most common reasons yours may have activated.

Malfunctioning Spark Plug

One of the most common reasons the light comes on is a problem with a spark plug. When this happens, the light will probably be accompanied by problems starting your vehicle. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with an auto repair specialist to have the spark plug replaced.

Broken Catalytic Converter

Another possibility is that your catalytic converter needs to be replaced. This part is responsible for minimizing the impact your vehicle has on the environment. Taking care of emissions issues is extremely important, so go in for car or truck repair right away.

Lost or Damaged Gas Cap

While this might seem like a small problem, a lost or damaged gas cap can cause your check engine light to activate. Fortunately, this is a quick fix, but it’s also one you want to take care of right away. Continuing to drive without one can negatively impact the environment and your mileage. Before taking your vehicle in, try tightening the gas cap.  Sometimes that’s all it takes!

Need Help with Your Check Engine Light in Lynden?

If your check engine light is on, come by Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Lynden today. We can help! For more information, visit our website or contact us today.

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Signs You Need General Auto Repair in Ferndale

general auto repair FerndaleYou rely on your car. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it greatly impacts your day. Luckily, it’s rare for a car to suddenly just stop working. For most problems, there are warning signs telling you it’s time for general auto repair. It’s important to become familiar with these warnings so you know when you need to get to an auto service center as quickly as possible. After all, a small issue today can become a very large and expensive issue tomorrow. To help, here are several signs it’s time to have your vehicle inspected by a professional.

Dashboard Warnings

One of the clearest signs your vehicle needs auto repair is your dashboard warning light system. Never ignore a lit dashboard indicator, as these are specifically designed to let you know there’s a problem with your car.

Strange Noises

Noises while you’re driving or braking are a clear indicator there’s something wrong. Don’t assume the sounds are normal or that they’ll go away. Take your vehicle in for car or truck repair right away.

Leaking Fluids

Have you noticed leaking fluids when your car is parked? Leaking fluids can lead to much bigger problems if left unaddressed. Have your car checked out as soon as possible.

When Your Vehicle Need General Auto Repair in Ferndale

Have you been missing or ignoring the signs your car has been giving you? Don’t wait to take your vehicle in for inspection. If you think you may need general auto repair, contact Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham right away. We offer a wide variety of services and our primary goal is to get you back on the road as quickly as possible. Visit our website for more information or call us to schedule an appointment with one of our highly-trained auto repair specialists.

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How to Find an Expert Vehicle Repair Specialist

expert vehicle repair specialist bellingham ferndale

If you’re worried that something is wrong with your truck or car, you’ve probably been thinking about talking to an expert vehicle repair specialist. With so many auto service centers to choose from, however, finding the right one can be tricky. Luckily, the process of finding a reliable auto technician doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these guidelines to get the truck and auto repair you need right away.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the ways that works best when you’re looking for a great auto repair specialist is to ask for recommendations. This is particularly useful if you are new to the area.  Ask your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about car service centers they use and love. It’s a good bet that if they are suggesting a particular shop, it’s worth checking out.

Do an Online Search and Review Customer Feedback

You can also do a search online for nearby auto and truck repair. While recommendations are important, it’s also important to do your own research before choosing a particular auto shop. Read customer feedback while doing your research. Reviews and testimonials are a great way to determine if the auto and truck repair specialist you’re considering is reliable. You can also ask the shop to provide you with referrals.

Still Need Help Finding an Expert Vehicle Repair Specialist?

If you’re looking for a reliable truck and auto repair specialist in your area, make sure you consider Sound Truck & Auto Repair in Bellingham. We offer a wide selection of services and we’ll be happy to answer all your truck and auto repair questions. For more information about all our services, including diesel, RV and fleet repair, visit our website. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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