What Makes a Reliable Auto Repair Shop in Lynden?

reliable auto repairAre you looking for a reliable auto repair shop in Lynden, Washington? With so many service centers and auto technicians out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are best. Don’t assume the shop with the lowest prices will provide the best service. If you’re unsure how to identify a reliable auto repair shop, look for the following qualities.

Positive Customer Reviews

One of the best ways to assess whether an auto repair shop is reliable is to read through previous customer reviews. These can usually be found online on the company website or through other review websites. You’ll also find testimonials, which can be helpful. If you have trouble locating reviews for a specific service shop, contact them and request referrals. Continue Reading →

Facts About Car Tire Service in Ferndale

car tire serviceWhen was the last time you had your car tire service performed on your vehicle? Keeping your tires in peak condition keeps you safer on the roads. Your local auto repair shop should regularly check your vehicle and perform any necessary tire maintenance. To ensure your vehicle is road-ready, ask your auto technician to check your car tires for the following common problems in Ferndale.

Low Tire Pressure

Did you know that changes in temperature can affect your car tire pressure? Scientifically, gasses will expand when heated and contract when cooled. This means cold weather will lower your tire pressure, while warmer weather or long trips will increase your tire pressure. A service shop can check and properly set your car tire pressure for you. Continue Reading →

Summer Vehicle Maintenance Tips for Bellingham

summer vehicle maintenanceWarmer weather is just around the bend, but hot summers can be really hard on your car or truck. Extreme temperatures and exposure to continuous sunlight will impact both the interior and exterior of your vehicle. While proper vehicle maintenance and auto repair is important year round, summer months require that you pay a little extra attention. Here are several summer vehicle maintenance tips from a professional auto technician that will keep your vehicle looking and running great.

Have Your Battery Examined

As we transition into summer, an important part of proper summer vehicle maintenance is to have your battery examined by a professional. High temperatures can cause it to deplete faster. Take your car or truck to a reliable auto service center to have it checked out, and replaced if necessary. Continue Reading →

Is an Oil Change Really Important?

oil changeDo you really need an oil change? If you own a car, you’ve probably heard you should have the oil changed regularly, but is it really that important? The answer is, “Absolutely!” Taking your car to an auto service center regularly for an oil change is extremely important. In fact, an auto technician should change your car’s oil every 3,000 miles you drive it. There are some higher-grade oils that will extend this timeframe, but you’ll need to request them specifically; and they do cost more. In general, receiving regular oil changes will keep your vehicle on the road longer. Here are several additional reasons you shouldn’t skip this element of car maintenance.

Engine Lubrication

If you’re due for an oil change, go to an auto repair shop right away. Fresh oil keeps your engine lubricated. This ensures the internal parts don’t wear against each other.

Rust Prevention

Rust is extremely dangerous for your vehicle and can result in extensive car or truck repair. A regular oil change will ensure the internal workings of your engine stay rust-free. Continue Reading →

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

check engine lightMany car owners have little to no understanding of what it means when their check engine light comes on. If this is you right now, don’t worry! There is actually a long list of reasons this particular dashboard warning has activated. Knowing what the problem is right away isn’t always feasible. In fact, you’ll probably need to take your vehicle to a nearby auto service center to identify the issue. Luckily, it doesn’t take long for an auto technician to run an engine diagnostic that will pinpoint the exact cause. In the meantime, here are a few of the most common reasons your check engine light may have activated.

Malfunctioning Spark Plug

One of the most common reasons that your check engine light might activate is a problem with a spark plug. When this happens, the light will probably be accompanied by problems starting your vehicle. You’ll need to schedule an appointment with an auto repair specialist to have the spark plug replaced. Continue Reading →

Car Maintenance You Need Before Traveling

car maintenanceThe holiday season is upon us! That means tons of family time and, in many cases, lots of traveling. If you’re planning to travel throughout the holidays, don’t forget to take care of your car. Having the appropriate car maintenance completed before you hit the road is important for your car’s longevity and your family’s safety. Are you unsure what work needs to be done? Take your vehicle to an auto service center to have it checked out. A professional auto technician will be able to get you and your car squared away in no time. To ensure you hit all the major maintenance points, here are several important features that should be examined before you hit the road. Continue Reading →

Signs You Need General Auto Repair

general auto repairYou rely on your car. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it greatly impacts your day. Luckily, it’s rare for a car to suddenly just stop working. For most problems, there are warning signs telling you it’s time for general auto repair. The important thing for you is to become familiar with the indicators and get your vehicle to an auto service center as quickly as possible. After all, a small issue today can become a very large and expensive issue tomorrow. To help, here are several signs it’s time to have your vehicle inspected by a professional auto technician.

Dashboard Warnings

One of the clearest signs that your vehicle needs auto repair is your dashboard warning light system. Never ignore a lit dashboard indicator, as these are specifically designed to let you know there’s a problem with your car. Continue Reading →

How to Find an Expert Vehicle Repair Specialist

vehicle repair specialistHave you noticed potential problems with your truck or car? If so, you probably need to take your car or truck to an expert vehicle repair specialist. With so many auto service centers to choose from, however, finding the right one can seem like a daunting task. Luckily, the process of finding a reliable auto technician doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are several great tips to help ensure you get the truck and auto repair you need right away.

Ask for Recommendations

One of the very best ways to find an expert truck and auto repair specialist is to ask for recommendations. This is particularly useful if you are new to the area. You can speak with your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers about car service centers they frequently use. It’s a good bet that if they are suggesting a particular shop, it’s worth checking out. Continue Reading →

5 Signs your Car Needs a Tune-up

car tune-upMost vehicle owners would be able to respond to a serious situation regarding car repairs. For example, it’s easy to tell when there is something seriously wrong with the engine. Regular maintenance is an entirely different animal, it seems. Many people tend to put it off. Or, they completely forget about taking their vehicle to the shop for a car tune-up.

A tune-up isn’t a costly item on its own. However, neglecting to take care of it can lead to some more serious (and expensive) auto repairs. The longer an owner goes between tune-ups, the more likely the car will show some signs of neglect. Here are some signs that your car needs a tune-up.

It’s making strange noises.

If the car is making unusual sounds, it’s probably an indication that something is wrong under the hood. Something could be loose, or it could be low on fluids. You need to investigate and deal with the source of the noise before the problem becomes worse. Continue Reading →